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Have you ever wanted an educational source that kids find interesting, covers a wide variety of topics, and that kids actually ask to use? If so, BrainPOP deserves a good look. BrainPOP offers on-line animated videos (“movies”) that cover science, … Continue reading

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Bare Books

My kids really like to make things. Even more, they like to look at things they’ve previously made. They still like to get out the letter books we made when they were preschoolers and look through the pictures and their … Continue reading

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Financial Peace, Jr.

Anyone familiar with Dave Ramsey’s television or radio program have heard of his Financial Peace University. I’ve listened to Dave on and off for a decade, and I’ve heard his explain how to structure dividing a child’s commissions (not allowance!), … Continue reading

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TOPS Learning Systems

Finding homeschooling curriculum that involves good, hands-on science experiments that don’t require lots of expensive gear is tricky. Many claim to use common household items, but their definition of common and mine don’t mesh. This year, we tried a new … Continue reading

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Remember Phil Vischer of VeggieTales? Vischer now has a new venture in association with Focus on the Family called JellyTelly. JellyTelly, the website, contains videos and games.  The videos are  a wonderful daily “on-line television” program for children featuring puppets, … Continue reading

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