Bare Books

My kids really like to make things. Even more, they like to look at things they’ve previously made. They still like to get out the letter books we made when they were preschoolers and look through the pictures and their first attempts at letters. That’s what makes Bare Books one of my very favorite finds.

Bare Books offers a variety of high quality blank books and amazing accessories used with those books at an exceptionally reasonable cost. From Chunky Bare Books, blank board books for the younger crown, to Bare Books Plus, with up to 96 pages (46 sheets), there really is a Bare Book for nearly every need. Lined, partially lined, and completely blank pages are offered in  portrait or landscape formats using a traditional or spiral binding. Also offered are a variety of front covers to the books. Beyond the standard blank white cover, there are themes appropriate for boys and girls of all ages (adults, too!).  There are even Bare Comic Books, ready to host the latest cartooning adventures!

Other high quality Bare book products include blank jigsaw puzzles of varying sizes, blank bookmarks, and blank calendars. For the budding game makers, the bare game board and accessories are absolutely wonderful.

A high quality blank book is a great find in itself, but even better are the high quality accessories available, including:

  • Bare Crayons, erasable crayons made of plastic, last longer than wax crayons and don’t crumble — these are The Best Crayons I’ve ever seen, bar none.
  • Line guides for neater writing on unlined pages
  • Slip-on and Adhesive dust covers for the Bare Books
  • A truly useful Writers Directory for beginning writers
  • Cartoon template with a variety of bubbles for dialogue, and shapes for those noises so necessary in adventurous comics
  • Book plates

There are so many possibilities with Bare Books products that it can’t help but get the creative juices flowing. Bare Book bundles, combining some of the more popular accessories with a book, are not only a bargain, but make great gifts. Like colored pencils, scissors and glue, I try to keep a stock of Bare Books on hand so they’re available whenever one of the kids’ creativity strikes.


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