JellyTelly – Update: It’s now FREE!

A new beta of JellyTelly is now on-line and, yes, it’s now free. A comment by Phil Vischer on the site indicates that they’re still trying to find a revenue model that works. For now, the site takes donations (see the bottom of the site’s pages).

The new JellyTelly is a major website rework. It combines most of the previous content of JellyTelly with other Focus on the Family offerings of Adventures in Odyssey and Last Chance Detectives.  The new website organization is different with content split into Videos, Shows, Characters and Games. To me, the distinction between Videos and Shows is a bit muddled.

Such favorites as The Fabulous Bentley Brothers, Pirate Pete, Dr. Schniffenhousen, Sunday School Bucks [sic] Mailbag, Clive & Ian’s Wonderblimp of Knowledge, FANTASTIC WORLD, and One Minute Sports Clinic are still part of JellyTelly . The only notable character/shows lost seems to be God Rocks.

I miss the daily show, and the anticipation of what’s next. The kids don’t seem to mind. It may just be one of those age differences between my generation who grew up with TV being selected by some executive, and the newer generations who select their own with Netflix and DVDs. In either case, JellyTelly is still a favorite in our house.


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