Does spelling elicit moans, groans and complaints? Is spelling becoming a drag? Spellarama may be what you need. In its simplest form, Spellarama is a set of playing cards with alphabet letters on them. But, it’s so much more.

Developed by its creator to help overcome problems learning to spell because of dyslexia, Spellarama was first used in the Ontario, Canada public schools. It was used throughout Canada, and in Australia and the USA.

The deck contains 56 cards, including multiple copies of some letters, and * (star) cards that serve as wild cards. For added complexity, a set of sound cards with various pronunciation symbols can be used in various games. Built around the deck of cards are games for students just learning their letters or alphabet, beginning spellers or older children who could benefit from something new and different. Spellarama cards are a free download that you print yourself on cardstock, or on thinner paper and then laminate.

Play Go Fish. Build the alphabet. Win a spelling version of Gin Rummy. Spell long or short words for points. Play with a group or solitaire. Spellarama is as flexible as it is educational.

Making the cards can be a bit labor intensive, especially if you choose to laminate them. Cutting the cards after lamination is a good test of hand muscles, and perseverance. Even so, to me the small investment of time and effort were well worth it.


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Homeschooling mom who enjoys the adventure that is homeschooling.
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