@ the Office Expanding File

Keeping samples of the kids’ work was an organizational pain until I stumbled upon these useful expanding files at WalMart. I was looking for an expanding file for one of my sons to keep his drawings organized when it hit me that I could do the same with the kids’ school papers.

These aren’t the typical paper expanding files with tabs that dog-ear and sides that fray. Nor are they the stiff, brittle plastic that cracks after several dozen folds. The shell of these expanding files reminds me of Cordura. It holds it shape well, but isn’t so stiff as to be difficult to use. The plastic dividers on the inside are appropriately flexible. The tabs are large enough to hold labels that are easy to hand letter, and easily readable. Simply put, these are expandable folders that are useful, durable, and affordable. Did I mention that they come in 3 colors for at least a bit of ability to color-code them?

Costing a modest $7.88 at my local WalMart, it’s hard to beat.


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Homeschooling mom who enjoys the adventure that is homeschooling.
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One Response to @ the Office Expanding File

  1. VR says:

    Hi, I bought one of these a couple of years ago and I love it! My husband liked it too thaT I went back to Walmart to buy him one and I don’t see it anymore! 😦 I am so desperately looking for it now that I Googled it and that’s how I found this web page. I would be delighted to be able to find just one more of these files!

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