Bubble Test Form Generator by Catpin Productions

Like most homeschoolers, we do our best to reuse materials when possible. Multiple choice tests are a perfect resource for reuse. A FREE on-line Bubble Test Form Generator from Catpin Productions makes it even easier.

The form generator is very flexible, allowing various customizations including the number and style of bubbles, font, spacing, and grouping. The options available for the bubbles are too numerous to list; in place of bubbles, music staffs, pain charts, approve/disapprove sets and feelings charts are selectable. Different types of bubbles can be included on one sheet by organizing the different types needed into columns.

Options are available for information to be printed at the top of the page including test title, teacher’s name, room, date, student name, box for score and grade, instructions, etc. Test headings can be in either English or Spanish.

Even with all the available customization, the form generator is easy to use with very straightforward instructions and choices. After selecting the customizations wanted, the generated form is displayed in a new tab. From there the browser’s print function is used to make a hard copy.

Beyond the flexibility of the bubble test generator, it exposes homeschool kids to the standardized testing form and gives them practice using it.


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